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A versatile & daring writer offering you fiction and nonfiction works which include children's books, novels, business books, films, television series etc. Also, a conscientious Diversity and Inclusion consultant and thought-leader 

Why read my work

No doubt you have your (good) reasons for reading (blogs, books etc). And those are the same reasons I write - to challenge you to think critically about difficult topics, to share knowledge I have gleaned from life and formal education, to make you laugh, cry, and experience the whole spectrum of human emotions. 

Whether you are looking for a fun, educational book to teach your kids (nephews or nieces) about climate change or a fun, Bridget Jones - style novel for the beach; my growing catalogue of books and other works has something for you. 

Published books

Explore my slowly growing catalogue of published fiction and nonfiction books. Hopefully you will find something that speaks to you. If not, please check my upcoming books, or contact me and make suggestion of what you would love to read. 

Upcoming books

I am always putting pen to paper / fingers to keyboard, creating new characters and new stories. To keep off the bored, I often work through a few books at time, spreading myself thin no doubt but also stretching and flexing my creative muscles. Hope you find something worthy of your anticipation…

Film and Television

If you are not a book person, I get it. We all have our preferences. Luckily, when it comes to writing, I do not discriminate; I simply write. As long as I get to play with characters, stories, and most importantly language, I write. Here are some of my television, film, and theatre projects.

Savania’s writing reflects clarity of thought and heightened conscientiousness uncommon in most modern writers.  You get the sense you are in the hands of a writer who knows a lot about a lot yet give only what is needed. 

Julia Stokes, Goodreads Reviewer


The opening of Blackout is, in my opinion, one of the very best I have ever read. That simple opening line hits you hard, it forces you to despair and hope in the same breath.

A. Kennedy, Poet

Portrait of Black Women is raw and powerful, gentle and soothing. It angers and encourages; but most importantly, it comes close to doing what no other book has ever done for back women and for humanity.   

Suzie Astridge, Social Commentator