I use language and art to create and tell stories that excite, evoke, intrigue, frighten, inspire. Join me on my journeys of creative discovery.

Because my writing and creations are varied and some "controversial", I struggle to find consistent material for my blog. But I try to write short pieces that reflect my truth. 



I have a restless, eclectic brain; which means  I am constantly coming up with and working on numerous projects at a time. I am currently writing a few books and working on various creative projects. 

Work Desk


I have always had an eye for design, and over the last few years, I have turned that inert passion into reality. I produce a diverse range of digital art. Check out and order from my growing catalogue.

Melting Television


Over the years, I have published a number of fiction and nonfiction books, some in my name and others under pen names. Most are available in paperback but I also have a few e-books. Check out my catalogue here, and please do buy some to support art.   

Stack of Books

Because of my extensive professional qualifications and experience in management, strategy, business and personal development; I offer unique, insightful advice to businesses and individuals. 

Business Cards

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