APPERO: Key to the Empire

This television series is set in a vast fictional empire comprising Apperro (the Capital) and the three kingdoms of Apos, Peros, and Villam. The empire has enjoyed unparalleled peace and prosperity for many centuries, largely owing to its succession laws and customs that require the emperor to be succeeded by his first-born child. Until now, all the first-born children have been boys. However, for the first time in the history of Apperro, the emperor has twins, a boy and a girl who are both rightful heirs to the throne. But only one can be selected as successor to the emperor. To be picked as a successor, the twins must compete in the traditional Key to the Empire Challenge, marking the first time the challenge is more than ceremonial. This presents an opportunity to make progress but also casts a shadow of unprecedented threat to the empire’s centuries-long stability.


At the centre of the Key to the Empire Challenge are the two heirs - the twins, Dara Gata and Tara Gata. Through the first three septs of their lives, the two siblings were close friends. But, from the first day of their 4th sept (21st birthday), the two will embark on a challenge that will not only test their love and loyalty to each other but one that will test their family bond and threaten to undo centuries of peace and prosperity in Apperro. As they begin their quest to win the key to the empire, the twins, and indeed the empire, are unaware of the ominous forces from Apos (one of the three kingdoms) and the Libers (an outcast army of mercenary fighters) that foreshadow trouble.

The first (pilot) episode has been published in paperbook and e-book. Take this rare opportunity to be the first to experience this incredible story today. 

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