Visit my website, dedicated to my endeavours into art and design. 

I think I am slowly discovering or is it 'uncovering' my style as an artist. I love mixing vivid colours with lines. Colour draws us to the concept, the idea of something, yet lines draws out the specifics, the details. The combination of the two is great for producing highly evocative abstract images that appeal directly to our evolutionary need for efficiency and clarity but without the monotony.

Example: Mapping Art

In this collection, I digitally manipulate maps of your Title Plan (if you are a homeowner in England, the title plan is the official legal representation of the property you own). I can turn any title plan into a customised, framed piece of art. I produce these pieces for people to give to a loved one, friend, parent, co-worker, anyone as a house-warming gift. Contact me if you are interested. NB: You do not need to provide me with the title plan. All I need is an address of the property the person owns or has just bought - and I will do the rest. 


I can also merge maps with photographs for amazing effects (see example below). Please contact me if you are interested in a customised unique piece. 


Savania China, 2017

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