Stu is experiencing a crisis like no other. Stirred by a swift moral, political, and philosophical awakening that is evoked by the sudden and unexpected tragic unravelling of his closest friends’ lives, he suddenly finds his comfortable humdrum middle-class existence as a doctor in South London anything but fulfilling. 
In his quest to find meaning and make sense of the changes around him, Stu tries to understand his place as a black man in his adopted country. He finds himself unexpectedly entangled in fighting real and imagined injustices to which he had long been oblivious. His growing sense of entitlement to speak for and act on behalf of all black people lands him in unexpected trouble, trouble that threatens to destroy life as he knows it. 
Narrated in the first person by Stu, this is a candid story about his journey to oblivion through the labyrinths of debilitating racial, class, and identity tensions that smoulders under the facade of a seemingly genial British society. The fast-paced, raw, visceral narration reflects Stu’s state of mind. Clearly, he is a man running out of patience, out of time, and out of political correctness - not only in his life but in his writing and use of language. 


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