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Monkey Business: Highly Effective Principles of Entrepreneurial, Business, and Personal Success

Monkey Business is a simple fable that explains powerful business success principles in the form of an enchanting and inspirational story about a little monkey named Blu. Despite being one of the poorest monkeys in his town, Blu was determined to build a successful banana business.
Blu represents every aspiring entrepreneur/business person who lacks resources but is endowed with passion and drive to succeed against all the odds.
As the charming story about Blu unfolds, it reveals profound, practical, timeless lessons that any aspiring entrepreneur, business owner or manager can use effectively to achieve success.


Parodying & Debunking Popular Inspirational Quotes

This book challenges the underlying human weaknesses that compel us to hide behind simplified declarations, proclamations, philosophies, logic, and explanations that are presented to us as quotes and popular sayings. It helps us comprehend the complexity of life and the challenges it throws and to develop coping mechanisms that are neither too simplistic nor too complex

Success Tips for Restaurants: How to Start and Grow a Restaurant Business Profitably in the Age of Data

If you manage or own a restaurant business you know how difficult it is to grow the business and your profits.
What if I told you there are easy little tweaks and improvements that could help you make a lot more. I am not suggesting any magic tricks. Just simple things like understanding:
- how psychology affects our customers' decisions
- how you can collect and use data to your advantage
These are simple things that, especially smaller independent establishments, do not utilise

Trader Beware: How to Avoid Catastrophic Losses While Trading Online

Online trading promises unlimited opportunities and the potential to get rich while sitting behind your desk or on your laptop on a sunny beach somewhere in the Caribbean. Sounds too good to be true? Well, it mostly is too good to be true because lurking behind that potential is a real danger of catastrophic loss. The brokers and trading platforms  are legally required to warn you - but they often do so in small text or inaudible mumblings at the end of television commercials such that you either dismiss the warnings as unimportant or you miss them altogether.  This little guide book tells you the truth about these risks - from a trader who experienced loss first hand. 
In addition, the little book offers a wealth of information about trading -  some secrets of the game, how it is rigged, and tips on how you can also play it without risking heavy losses.

Managing & Monitoring Quality for Customer Satisfaction: A Simplified Guide for Managers, Leaders, and Entrepreneurs 

This guide cuts out all the jargon and lengthy documentation requirements imposed by popular quality management standards. It provides managers with a clear, simplified description of what they need to know, and do, to achieve and effectively manage the quality of their products and services. 
It will show you simple ways to
- cut costs 
- exceed customer expectations

Reflections of Humanity: 

Reflections of Humanity is a thought-provoking collection of poems and short prose. It explores, with brutal honesty, the state of the world and humanity. 
The poems confront and challenge our pre-conceived understanding of reality, our invisible biases, and our fears. 
In a world that is safer, why do we feel more afraid?
In a world that is wealthier, why do we feel poorer?
In a world that is more diverse, why are we more suspicious of those different from us?
What does all this mean for the future of humanity?


Savania China, 2017

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