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My earliest experience with entrepreneurship arose from chance. At the age of 14, I realised that kids in my school were hungry for posters of celebrities and sports stars (especially football and basketball players). In those days such posters and pictures were hard to come by. They could only be attained from magazines. And I happened to have at the time an older relative who bought lots of magazines and cared very little what became of them once he was finished 'reading' them. So, I got in the business of salvaging used magazines and re-purposing them by selling posters and pictures to other kids for use in their scrapbooks. I made a lot of money (for a 14-year-old) and never looked back. Since leaving university, I have run a number of businesses and non-profit ventures.  

Wingu (Wise Penguin) if a fictional character with a sizeable social media following. The website publishes insightful blog posts, tips, advice and quotes about life, love, money, work, and of course - penguins (well not really, but it does share lots of videos about fun facts!)

I love working with and helping entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals. I am not a life coach nor do I claim to have magic formulas that will make someone a millionaire overnight. What I have, however, is a wealth of experience in entrepreneurship, business, and management. This has come from many years of work and study, and through my writing (which often requires substantial research). Armed with this knowledge and experience, I offer only pragmatic and practical guidance.  To find out if and how we can work together please have a look at some few examples  and get in touch.


Savania China, 2017

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