Perry The Blue Panda

Hello. My name is Perry. I live in Cutopia, the loveliest town in the world. In Cutopia, the sky is blue, the air is fresh, the grass is green, the water is clear, and all the animals and people are happy. But I am the happiest of them. I love to take care of everyone in our town and to keep our environment clean and safe for others who will live in Cutopia in the future. As you can see, I am a panda, but different from other pandas. I am blue. You can find out how I became blue in the book - Perry The Blue Panda. 

Perry's day started well. Everyone in Cutopia was happy to see him and waved as he walked down the street. 

Perry loves to re-use things so he went to the skip to look for something special for his room. 

After the skip, Perry and his friend Jerry 'the laughing giraffe' went to play at the beach. But they found their friend Tyler the turtle in trouble and had to help him.  

Perry and Jerry were worried about Tyler. They felt helpless. 

But they sat down with some grown ups to make a plan that would keep turtles and everyone in Cutopia safe and happy. 

Everyone in Cutopia agreed to the plan, and Perry helped 

The solution of the plan was kept secret but when it was revealed it was a big surprise and Perry and all the kids in Cutopia were so happy they could not believe it! 

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