I truly enjoy working with business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals (both individuals and teams). I can provide support on writing and business. Here is a flavour of how I can help.


Editing and Proofreading


As a writer, I truly ascribe to the adage that 'there is no great writing, there is only great re-writing'. Regardless of your fluency and prowess in the English language, you will never write perfect prose 100% of the time. Nobody does. Even the most accomplished writers rely heavily on editors. So, whether you have written the next bestseller or a business report, I will be happy to look it over with fresh eyes, provide constructive feedback, and suggest corrections and improvements. 


Book Publishing


If you have ever written a book you do not need me to tell you how difficult the publishing business is. As a published author, I have first-hand experience. It's tough! But, thanks to technological developments, self-publishing has become more accessible, affordable, and respectable than at any time in human history. But, for new authors, finding your way through self-publishing can be daunting. I can help you by

  • introducing you to agents and publishers I have worked with in the past (depending on what you want to publish)

  • self-publish on your behalf (on Kindle and Createspace or similar platforms)

  • providing official ISBN 

  • book marketing and promotion


Marketing material


  • Press releases 

  • Product descriptions (for e-commerce sites like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba etc)

  • Marketing and promotional material - websites, leaflets, newsletters, brochures etc

  • Bids (for non-profits) 




I offer training sessions to entrepreneurs, start-ups and organisations (large or small) on various business topics. I cover the following

  • Writing (professional and business) 

  • Innovation 

  • Quality management 

  • Strategy

  • Marketing 


Business Consultancy and Research 


I offer advice to companies and organisations on general business and operational improvement. Whether you are grappling with sales, costs, customer satisfaction, or operational efficiency, I will be happy to carry out an assessment and suggest solutions. I can also carry out detailed independent research and produce advisory strategy reports. 




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