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Growing Wings

Growing Wings is a cool, modern version of Bridget Jones Diary. If you yearn to be entertained - to laugh, to cry, to bang the table (hopefully with your fist, not your head). Whatever your temperament, this book will play your emotions and feelings like guitar strings but in an intensely enjoyable way. Great read for the beach or cosy winter nights. 

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About the Book

As she approaches the age of thirty, Samantha is dissatisfied her mid-level civil service job and her mundane existence in London. Her life suddenly takes an unexpected turn when a government minister shows interest in her. Things move too quickly, and Samantha finds herself at the centre of a national scandal and her face splashed on the cover of the British tabloids. The scandal forces her to question the meaning, purpose, and direction of her life. It also forces her to confront her mother about their troubled relationship. 

Give it a try

I know your time is precious. I personally don’t like to commit before I try anything. And I am sure you too are the same. So please read a bit before you decide if you want to enjoy the rest of the story. It's only fair. 

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