Growing Wings

Growing Wings is my maiden novel - a book that was as difficult to write as it is enjoyable to read, prejudice no doubt. People (family and friends) with little or no writing experience often ask me if, being a man, it was difficult to inhibit a female character. The simple answer is, of course, NO. That's what writers do; they create, breathe life into, and inhibit characters they share little or nothing in common with. J.K Rowling, a woman, created an empire on the back of a character who was a boy wizard. Alexander McCall Smith, a professor of medical law in Edinburgh, created the popular No. 1 Ladies Detective series whose main character is a Botsawnaian woman. The examples are many. So no, creating the character of Samantha was not difficult; weaving the story was. But I persevered, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, worth every sleepless night and countless near-breakdowns (staples of the profession, no doubt).
So go ahead and order yourself a copy if you want to be entertained - to laugh, to cry, to bang the table (hopefully with your fist, not your head). Whatever your temperament, this book will make you feel something. I guarantee it!  

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