Logan the Inventor

There something irresistibly charming about a cheeky geek. Logan is exactly that - clever, charming, observant, cheeky and street smart. When he moves from London to Chicago, he finds life in America challenging. But lucky for him, he can draw on his charm and brains to cope. A light, fun, funny, educational book for young adult readers. 


About the Book

In the very first book of this new and exciting series, meet Logan, the geeky eleven-year-old inventor and storyteller.
Logan introduces us to his new life in America, and to his annoying family who drive him crazy most of the time, but they also give him ideas for his inventions.
Although his life in America is not going smoothly, Logan has his moments and more ideas for his inventions. 


Find out more about Logan in the spin-off television series Being Logan which chronicles his daily shenanigans.

Give it a try

I know your time is precious. I personally don’t like to commit before I try anything. And I am sure you too are the same. So please read a bit before you decide if you want to enjoy the rest of the story. It's only fair.