Monkey Business expounds highly effective and simplistic principles of entrepreneurial success in the form of an enchanting and inspirational fable about a little monkey named Blu. Despite being one of the poorest monkeys in his town, Blu was determined to build a successful banana business.


Blu represents every aspiring entrepreneur and small business owner who may be poor in resources but rich in determination, passion and drive to succeed against all odds.

As Blu’s charming story unfolds, it reveals profound, practical, and timeless lessons that any aspiring entrepreneur, business owner or professional can use effectively to achieve success.


This imaginative, witty, simple, and insightful book will show you how to:

  • succeed with limited resources

  • create great products and services

  • convince customers to buy your products or services

  • innovate, compete and grow your business sustainably


The principles and lessons described in this book also apply to the workplace. You can use them to become a better leader, an effective manager, or a high performer.

Make this book your new companion. Enjoy reading the fable again and again while turning its key principles of success into daily habits of success.

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