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As a creative, a writer, an artist and a professional I am passionate about and strive to be compassionate and truthful in everything I do. For without passion, compassion, and truth; we lose that which makes us human.    

A compassionate People Person

The thing about boxes

As a creative, I hate boxes. Society is wired to fit everything and everyone into boxes, but I refuse to be stashed in one because boxes limit our ability to expand and grow into whatever shape we desire. 

As a social observer and commentator, I love boxes. Boxes allow me to understand the collective human condition quickly and easily. They allow me to perch and peer outside where real change and progress have space to flourish without constraints. 



I fell in love with writing at a young age. I wrote - by hand - my first book when I was fourteen. At sixteen, I wrote a movie script that I sent to a Hollywood address I found in an old magazine. I was a dreamer back then and, to a large extent, still am.
I have come to realise that my dilemma, as a writer, is navigating and balancing the constraints of my reality and the unboundedness of my imagination. This dilemma is seldom a matter of fact versus fiction, but rather a matter of competing fictions. 

In my writings, I like to explore and play with all kinds of fiction: the fiction we are told, the fiction we tell ourselves, the fiction we label ‘reality’, and the fiction we label ‘fiction’. 
It is precisely in this world of fictions that I, like all writers, compose. Words are my instrument of choice. I use them to create notes, melodies, chords, basslines – each carefully crafted to entice specific emotional human response: fear, exhilaration, love, sadness. In a sense, I believe that, as a writer, I am a composer of the soundtrack of our lives.  And that is a responsibility I take seriously.



I have a wealth of experience as a professional and as an entrepreneur. I started my professional life as a scouted management trainee in a mining corporation straight out of university. By my mid-twenties, I had ascended to management. I then joined the UK government where I served in various mid-level and senior positions in Westminster. In between the different professional missions, I took time out to study and try entrepreneurship. I founded various enterprises, from a fresh farm produce business to a consultancy firm to stock market trading – all with varying degrees of success and failure (or as I like to call it - lessons, a lot of lessons!!)


After graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree, I felt unsatisfied with life, and wallowing in my own delusion, I decided I needed more knowledge. I embarked on a pursuit of knowledge and acquired postgraduate qualifications in Information Technology and in Development Management. But I remained unsatisfied. I then enrolled for an MBA at Warwick Business School. That turned out to be a highly rewarding endeavour, not only for the invaluable knowledge I gained but also for the networks and professional connections I made. After that, in pursuit of my entrepreneurship aspirations, I enrolled on the Advanced Entrepreneurship Program at Stanford University, and that turned out to be another highly rewarding step in my professional life. But I was not done. Many years later, I enrolled with Ashridge Business School on their Executive Masters in Leadership and Management programme.  Through many years of studying a wide range of subjects, I have acquired a lot of practical knowledge and the ability to observe critically, learn fast, and adapt. I use these capabilities to help businesses and entrepreneurs with effective, actionable advice and guidance. 

Advice & Coaching

With my knowledge and experience, I am in a fortunate position that I can provide valuable advice to companies and individuals on matters of business strategy. But nowadays, my main interest is helping companies develop inclusive work places that give all people similar opportunities regardless of their characteristics, values, and beliefs.  

I also provide coaching and mentoring for people in leadership positions and those aspiring to rise to such positions in their organisations.
Whoever you are and wherever you are in life and in your career (and geographically), I have something that can help you in one way or another. It doesn’t have to be life-changing, but it can be the catalyst to something big, or can spark an idea or a question whose answers can make a big difference. 
So please to get in touch with me whichever way you can and let’s get the conversation going. 
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