Savania’s writing reflects clarity of thought and heightened conscientiousness uncommon in most modern writers.  You get the sense you are in the hands of a writer who knows a lot about a lot yet give only what is needed. 

Julia Stokes, Goodreads Reviewer

The opening of Blackout is, in my opinion, one of the very best I have ever read. That simple opening line hits you hard, it forces you to despair and hope in the same breath.

A. Kennedy, Poet

Portrait of Black Women is raw and powerful, gentle and soothing. It angers and encourages; but most importantly, it comes close to doing what no other book has ever done for back women and for humanity.   

Suzie Astridge, Social Commentator

A book that demands very little from the reader while it offers more than it promises 


A fun little book that probably won't teach you anything new about entrepreneurship, but will help you remember and apply and develop good habits

Mike, Entrepreneur, New York | Monkey Business

A beautiful book, well written with relatable characters and a powerful plotline. It's funny, infuriating, sad, uplifting. All in one book! 

Jane, Reader, London | Growing Wings