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I started writing my very first film script at the age of 14. It took me a good two years to painstakingly put together a complete script for a movie entitled: Above Suspicion. Once I finished the script and was convinced it was error-free (or as error-free as it could possibly be under those circumstances), I searched for an address, any address, of a Hollywood director, sacrificed a month's worth of pocket money to buy stamps, and mailed it. I remember feeling awash with a sudden rush of elation when I walked out of my local post office. That was me in the late-90s, an African boy naively and blindly (fantastical even, if I think about it) dreaming about the bright lights of Holywood, itching to tell my stories. And now, to find myself, a couple of decades later, sitting here, the London skyline drapped outside my 7th-floor window,  working on an actual script, is beyond surreal. And it's only the beginning. I hope, intend, to write many many more to share with millions the stories that run in a kaleidoscopic endless loop in the restless story machine that is my brain.  Here is a flavour of what I have been working on and what you can expect to watch on a big or small screen near you in the not-too-distant future.  

Some of my Projects 

Being Logan

TV Series (Kids/young people) - Complete - Book adaptation

Being Logan is a television series about Logan Smith, a young British lad whose love for science and invention is the only thing that keeps him going as he adjusts to a new life in America. Logan may look like the stereotypical science geek, but he does not fit that mould. He is not socially awkward, not shy, and not afraid of standing up for himself.  And, although he loves science and inventing weird and wonderful gadgets, his life is usually taken over by his big crazy family who seems to only want one thing: to make his life hell. The television series revolves around the drama and comedy surrounding Logan at home and at school. 



Series Mini Bible

Script : Episode 1

Finding Amena

Movie: Scripting (Pre-pre Dev)

In Finding Amena, Ash, a young man from East London, journeys to The Jungle of Calais with donations. There, he is overwhelmed by the conditions, the suffering, and the humanity. Ash falls for a Yazidi girl called Amena. Not only is her story of escape from ISIS harrowing and heart-breaking, but her resilience also defies logic. In the midst of all the suffering, squalor and despondence, Amena still dreams of a better life in the south west of England. Ash is determined to get her into England, but this proves to be a difficult task. Finally, he manages to secure a passage for her to get into England, but when he rushes to the jungle to tell her the good news, she has vanished into the interior of Europe. Instead of going to university, Ash takes a year out to find her. We also follow Amena’s journey in the interior of Europe where she grapples with her new reality and is forced to rediscover herself.


Movie (scipt complete) - Dev

This script advanced to the final reading stage of the BBC Script Room, 2018!!!


When his girlfriend is killed in a surprise terrorist attack in Yemen, US Navy Seal officer, Jason Adler, is broken. To help him recover from his grief, Jason’s best friend and fellow-navy seal, Sean Pivotty, invites Jason to accompany him to Zimbabwe where he is visiting his fiancé who lives on a large, picturesque farm with her family. Unbeknown to the two friends, a sinister plot to invade white-owned farms illegally is brewing in the sub-Saharan country following a failed constitutional change by the government to change the law to enable it to take away farms legally.

When Porta farm is attacked, Jason finds himself in a battle to save not only his life but that of many. 


This movie casts light on one of the dark moments in recent African history. The story sheds light on the greed and violence that accompanied the under-reported unlawful land-grab that took place in Zimbabwe at the beginning of the 21st century, a development that precipitated the complete ruin of the once prosperous country. This multi-layered story is also a tale of courage, selflessness, and finding meaning and love in the face of seemingly insurmountable adversity.

Apperro: Key To Empire

Television Series (script: pre-pre Dev)

  Episode 1 now available in paperback and e-book! 


This television series is set in a vast fictional empire comprising Apperro (the Capital) and the three kingdoms of Apos, Peros, and Villam. The empire has enjoyed unparalleled peace and prosperity for many centuries, largely owing to its succession laws and customs that require the emperor to be succeeded by his first-born child. Until now, all the first-born children have been boys. However, for the first time in the history of Apperro, the emperor has twins, a boy and a girl who are both rightful heirs to the throne. But only one can be selected as successor to the emperor. To be picked as a successor, the twins must compete in the traditional Key to the Empire Challenge, marking the first time the challenge is more than ceremonial. This presents an opportunity to make progress but also casts a shadow of unprecedented threat to the empire’s centuries-long stability.


At the centre of the Key to the Empire Challenge are the two heirs - the twins, Dara Gata and Tara Gata. Through the first three septs of their lives, the two siblings were close friends. But, from the first day of their 4th sept (21st birthday), the two will embark on a challenge that will not only test their love and loyalty to each other but one that will test their family bond and threaten to undo centuries of peace and prosperity in Apperro. As they begin their quest to win the key to the empire, the twins, and indeed the empire, are unaware of the ominous forces from Apos (one of the three kingdoms) and the Libers (an outcast army of mercenary fighters) that foreshadow trouble.

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