A compassionate, thoughtful, and balanced second opinion and laser-sharp second pair of eyes to guide and help you achieve success. 

In your business or personal life, you can't always see and know everything. There are blind spots, and sometimes you need a second opinion, another pair of eyes to look over your best-laid plans for success.  I am a calm, compassionate, thoughtful, and deliberate listener. Through my coaching and advice, I will bring balance and veracity to help you think, analyse, and perform at the highest levels. 

Board Member

I have many years of experience as an executive and non-executive board member. I welcome opportunities to join the board of a progressive organisation that champions or want to champion diversity and inclusion, and other social justice and environmental initiatives.  


Adviser & Expert

I have advised organisations of all sizes, from tech start-ups in London to the European Commission in Brussels. I welcome remote advisory roles with the scope of strategic planning and delivery. Preferably, I would like to come in as contracted expert for a specific project or programme.  


Coach & Mentor

I have coached and mentored professionals and business people at various stages of thier journeys. If you are a leader or future leader in your organisation, I can offer you personalised mentorship and coaching. I also coach and mentor entrepreneurs at whatever stage of the entrepreneurship journey.  



Business Strategy


Diversity & Inclusion


 Marketing & Branding


Data and Digital Strategy


Organisational Development


Social & Environmental Responsibility

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