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Madman in the big white house

The world jolts into wakefulness

Awoken by the madman’s rants and moans and conspiracies and lash-outs

All one hundred and forty characters of them

Barking, tweeting, mad, maddening

Other times we watch, aghast and transfixed

The madman breathing fire

Words, proclamations, lies, accusations, inflictions and deflections


From the pulpit of the highest office in the land

From the big white house on the urban prairie

From everywhere and anywhere – incomprehensible, abominable, wicked


And every time, we erupt -  horrified, appalled, stunned, sickened, terrified even

Swiftly, we draw our weapons, ready to fight humanity’s biggest battles

We tweet and re-tweet, we post and re-post, we like and dislike -  emojis, GIFs, memes

Flung on to the global digital dancefloor



Rising to a crescendo as one hashtag levitates to the centre, trending

We ride on its cattails, tweeting and re-tweeting and sharing and liking, til

Like a street dancer, the hashtag taps another - the Kardashians, Bieber, football perhaps?

Signalling once again the beginning of a retreat into an imperceptible interlude

Swallowing the cacophony of politics, the screeching headlines.


The interlude, a celebration of glorious cultural regression

The politically-inclined among us return to their folds

Victorious, appeased, placated: order restored


And we wait


Bingeing on cable news and late-night television gospel

That affirms our morally sound

And unquestionable middle-class beliefs and exaltations


And we wait


Sharpening our weapons of mass outrage

Emojis, GIFs, memes, quotes: ready for another episode

Another outburst

Unhinged and ominous

The confounding drama of mankind’s self-mutilation and cannibalism

Unfolding perilously towards the cliff edge

Flapping and faltering and floundering

Under the ominous shadow of the threadbare veil

That precariously hides our demons

In plain sight

The madness of it



And we wait


Hiding from images of the madman in our mirrors

Seeing not for the first time

Our truth presented to us that way

Portly, orange, grabby, vile

Mad, the sheer madness of it, of us

Denying, excusing, apologising for 

The madman in the big white house

Staring, glaring, furious, mad


And we wait


And then we hope and wish and denounce and


He growls and insults and mocks and grabs, then boasts

And we sneer and jeer and hoot, and boo, then vote

Pointless, utterly futile

Mad even, yes all of us

Mad, foolish

Only fools could house

A madman with soiled, grubby hands

In a big white house

Only fools I tell you


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Savania China, 2017

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