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Writer's block inspired art

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Writer's block inspired art


What do writers do when they find themselves knee-deep in a writer's block funk? The answer is everything and anything but writing. And so I have been in such a funk since the turn of the new year. But, luckily for me, my other vocation - art - is rather cathartic.  So, thanks to a few weeks of writing funk, I have a new collection of art works


This collection originated from a happy (or unhappy) accident. In January 2018, I had before me the daunting task of finishing the script for my upcoming television series - Apperro. As any writer will attest, writing can be an especially dispiriting job. With the weather gloomy and unforgiving, the winter cold biting and depressing, I was having a difficult time with the script. I wanted an escape. Anything but writing. So, it was in those gloomy late January freezing moments that I started messing around with colours. Initially, it was a form of doodling. I was just mixing colours and drawing shapes until something appeared. Before long, I had done three pieces. Then four, five, and so on and so forth. The more desperate to return to my unfinished script I became, the more colours I mixed and doodled.  I remember, at one point, going for fourteen uninterrupted hours of creating shapes and colours.  In the days that followed, I tried doing both simultaneously - write and paint, and it worked.  By the time I spelt 'credits' on the script, I had 26 pieces that celebrate the wonder and fascination of colour.  Please note,  the gallery contains very small images (for speed of the website) - I will let you know when large images or the canvases will be available for you to fully appreciate the depth and range of the colours.


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Savania China, 2017

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